Have fun with you colors! Its a time to express your unique personality and style to your guests. Here are some great ideas that I gathered from Martha Stewart.

Lilies-of-the-valley evoke water droplets trickling over hydrangea florets, which are plucked from a single bloom and wired to form a loose grouping. The florets’ muted green and rosy hues seem softened by the sun. Vintage velvet millinery trim swirls underneath like frothy sea foam.

Glossy, black-beaded flowers dance among puffs of white hydrangeas in a lush, rounded composition; the long, black-satin streamers are gathered at the ends in soft ruffles.

This five-tier butter cream French hydrangea cake, made by Sylvia Weinstock of New York City, is covered with sugar hydrangeas, which we also added to French macaroons.

Multicolor mauve, blue, and pink hydrangeas centerpiece showcase a wedding palette in an abundant centerpiece. Pink spray roses are a simple contrast. Raspberries on leafy vines add a delicate note.