As a wedding planner, my role as a designer never stops. Each client wants their wedding day to be like no other or to capture an element of romance, elegance, grace, beauty….I can go on. As a designer, the centerpieces can add these elements in so many different and creative ways. Here are a few of my favorites, provide by Martha Stewart, Weddings.

Mirror Centerpiece

a99938_spr03_mirror_xl When topped with shimmering votive candles, a mirror becomes a pool of reflective light that casts a glow onto the reception tables

Taper Route


Here’s a centerpiece idea that won’t have you burning through your budget: In lieu of pricey floral arrangements, display sleek tapers in a variety of shapely glass candlesticks. Inexpensive ones are available at many home-decor stores in lots of styles.

Harvest Centerpiece


A table arrangement of grains celebrates the bounty of fall. In addition to wheat, which symbolizes a fruitful life, this textured display includes other dried grasses (available at crafts stores), so it can be made weeks ahead. The final flourish? A luxurious satin bow.

Sparkling Setting


Toast to your new beginnings with this Champagne-themed centerpiece from Martha Stewart Living. Ball-shaped ornaments displayed in glass flutes mimic the rising bubbles. (We mixed vintage balls with clear ones.) Gather flutes in varying styles, and cluster them on a cake stand to craft a truly effervescent centerpiece.

All of the images were provided by Martha Stewart Weddings.