Like most women I am always watching my weight and at times it can be very frustrating when you are trying to wash away the pounds that all of sudden appeared after the holidays and nothing is happening! Those fat jeans are still fitting tight! What is up with that? One of my closest friends, I won’t mention her name (Carey) said to me, “don’t exercise to loose weight, do it to be healthy”.  And then another dear friend, who I won’t name (LeiLani) brought to my attention in a “come to Jesus” moment over the phone, that I am such an over achiever that if I set a goal of wanting to loose 10 pounds and I do,I still would not be happy(ouch that hurt!). But they were both right! So this morning I decided I would make some changes.

I want to focus on myself and my personal health and inner beauty. I want to try to eat in a more healthy way and reduce my stress. I don’t want to take a miracle drug to loose a few pounds. So I am going a different route. I have heard about Acai ("ah-sigh-ee") which is a berry from the Amazon Rainforest that reduces hunger and gives energy to those who consume it. Acai tastes good, too, so it’s not only healthy but attractive in a dietary sense. Over the next few weeks I am going to blog about how I am leaving my healthy life and I hope that this will help you as well! To a healthier 2009!acai

Pure Acai Berry is used to:

  • Replace caffeine for energy
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Control hunger and reduce weight gain
  • Replenish energy