For today, I am going to take a break from the invitation trends sharing and express my gratitude to my family, friends and clients for their amazing love, support and their efforts to always lift me and my business(es) to a new level. This past weekend we participated in our local bridal show which occurs only once a year. This event gives me the opportunity to share with the community what I have to offer as a local business, which I take very serious. My husband and I take this one day and put all of efforts to showcase the beautiful gowns and accessories we make available in our bridal boutique. This year was amazing for us and I am still remain on a high from it all. This week clients have been calling, e-mailing and coming in the boutique to share how they enjoyed our fresh and exciting fashion show. Plus, I have business espressing us how proud they are to be a part of our bridal network. I truly could not have asked for a better show. My husband has to be the best one ever! He dresses up in a tuxedo, gets on that stage and becomes a totally different man (very exciting if you know what I mean). He stands there in our both for 5 hours and pushes every element to potential clients and does it with such a handsome smile (boy do I love this man!). To my side kick (my sister) Brandy who make this show come to life through beauty and strength. We are a team! Each year she is always there to support me through the craziness and does it with such passion and joy. One of my closest and dearest friends, LeiLani organized the fashion show for me and I could not have asked for more. She always amazes me. Thank you, LeiLani, Tami, Emily, Rebecca, Nikki, Lynn, Angela, Whitney and Alycia! Each of you ladies are beautiful and you truly made this show a success for me. I can not express in words how thankful I am to you and our friendship. It is because of each of you why I continue to be successful. And to my helpers backstage, Kerry, Jill, Jessica, the girls from Headlines, Martha, Nikki’s mom and I know there were a few more, thank you for your fast hands. All of you were new this year and you all did so wonderful. We could not have pulled off the show without you. I still can not believe we did that show in 22 minutes! I will be posting some photos later today (I hope of this event!). Thank you again to all of you. I love you with all of my heart.