Hello my readers, today I wanted to share something besides bridal gowns and money saving tips for your big day.


Over the weekend there was a benefit dinner in honor Jaynee Morgan who was born on January 5th, 2009 to Kristana Trapp and Kyle Morgan. On January 9th, 2009 she was air evacuated to Stanford University Hospital. It was determined she had no heart valve but numerous arteries. The doctors had to put the arteries where they belongs and put a new valve into her hear. After a week another heart surgery was necessary. She returned home for three days in May and was again air evacuated to Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento.  Her mother has been at her side  every day and at 5 months old, she now only weighs 9 pounds. I had the chance to see little Jaynee this past Friday while she was peacefully taking a nap while her feeding tube was still attached. Even while she was dreaming I could see she was a fighter and it brought tears to my eyes while standing above her crib, knowing in less than 6 months I will have my own precious angel. After talking with Kristana on how Jaynee is doing I witnessed her strength and determination as a mother. I have had the opportunity to watched this young lady grow up into this amazing strong and loving woman I once held Kristana when she was a baby). Even through that strength, I could see the fear for the future and how this mounting medical bills weigh on her and her family.

Today I am asking for your donation for this family. An account has been set up at Washington Mutal/Chase Bank for Jaynee Morgan. The account number is: 4230716958. I know your donations will be greatly appreciated.