It was the day of October 16. The day was exquisite and ideal for nuptials. Instantly thrilled the moment I was out the door and on my way to the venue for set-up and coordination. When I arrived I was hailed by a jovial and cheery little mob.

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With a modest smile and lots of breath mints I was armed and ready to orchestrate the ceremony. I began by assembling the bridal party and delicately reassuring the bride. After a moment of calm I gave a delicate nod to our adored DJ. The symphony had commenced. One after the other executed a perfect procession down the aisle graceful and elegant. The bride sparkled with enchantment, and guests were speechless.

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All was well with food and drink bestowed upon the bride and groom. Toasting and dancing fulfilled the remainder of the evening.

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I lingered long after my time was up, to watch the merriment taking place. Sitting in the corner at that moment I realized what an extraordinary day a wedding day is. I realized that everyone deserves joy however big or small. I will carry this with me always and remember every wedding is treasured.

Photography: Hughstons Photography

Cake: Cakes By Request

Flowers: Yuba City Florist

Rentals: Rent an Event