Who says you can’t have an all white wedding? If done right, it can be breath taking. On Martha Stewart’s Idea of the Day, she highlights an all-white wedding can be both beautiful and a nod to this season. From the cake to the flowers, here are some of her (and mine) favorite all-white ideas.

Icy and Elegant

In winter, bare branches sparkle with frozen crystalline droplets, creating a luminous, icy white that can set the tone for a sophisticated winter wedding. When accented with shades of pale gray and glittering silver, this purest of whites seems to glow, recalling the soft light of a December afternoon.

Flaky Favors

A silver paper star seals the parchment wrapping on a stack of cookies in a mini tart pan

Tuxedo Bouquet

Bouquets inspired by the tuxedo’s colors are elegant and surprising. An armful of white flowers, including ‘Majolica’ spray roses, lily-of-the-valley, ranunculus, freesia, lisianthus, and sweet peas, is bound with a black-and-white sash tied in a grand bow.