Hello my future “oh so always elegant” brides to be! Let’s talk about your wedding dress budget. Sometimes this can be a tricky topic but it is important to decided your wedding dress budget before you even start shopping. With google right at your finger tips you can begin your search, but in this case, the research process of looking for the perfect “cheap” wedding dress (I prefer less expensive phrase because the last thing I want associated with my wedding dress purchase is the word cheap!). With all the resources right in front of you, the information can be misleading because so many fraud designer websites pop up and give some brides false hope. But there is hope ladies. I am here to share with you why Always Elegant Bridal is the store for you.

 Affordable Timeless & Elegant Designer Wedding Dresses

I am a strong believer that wedding dresses don’t have to cost a fortune and that is why in both of my stores I have a designer in almost every price point for my brides to shop. Plus we always have a display of our wedding dresses that are marked down to also give more options. We respect your budget and show you the wedding dresses one by one during your appointment in hopes that you find the one wedding dress that you want to say “I do” in. Below are a few of the options by Rebecca Ingram, Allure, Allure Romance, Wilderly, and Enchanting that we currently have and they are all under $1000!

.Style | BEATRICE | All White, All Ivory (Pictured) | Price $780.00

Style | LAUREN  | All White, All Ivory, Ivory over Soft Pearl (Pictured) | Price $839.00

Style | PATSY  | All Ivory (pictured) | Price $879.00

Style | CATHY  | Ivory, Ivory over Nude (pictured) | Price $889.00

Style | JUNIPER  | White, Ivory (pictured) | Price $899.00

Style | 3160  | Almond/Ivory/Champagne (pictured) | Price $949.00

Style | 9608 | Almond, Diamond White (pictured) | Price $999.00

Style | F102-Marigold | Gold/Ivory, Ivory | Price $979.00

Style | 217108 | Diamond White | Price $658.00

Whether your style is classic and traditional or bold and dramatic — it all starts with how your wedding dress makes you feel. We believe every body is beautiful and so we have samples sizes from size 6 through 28 in our stores. We suggest that your review our Facebook album or Pinterest boards to see our full collections to help you pre-shop. If you have any questions regarding a wedding dress, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help! Want to be an AE Bride then click here and lets get you scheduled with one of out stylists!

xoxo~Always Elegant Bridal Styling Team