Their love story…

Where do I even begin? Travis and I lived within the beautiful town of Magalia, went to the same middle school and even high school; however, we had never met. It wasn’t until a few years after high school that our paths finally crossed. When we met, Travis was fully consumed in working three jobs (as you know, Travis is a man who wears many hats), but that didn’t stop him from pursuing one more thing to fill his time…me.

It was the summer of 2010 when our story officially began at a local gym in Paradise. Travis worked as a night-time janitor (yes, it was a glamorous job) and I was a frequent gym user. I now notice looking back that it was no coincidence his cleaning duties collided with my workout routine more often than not. It is rather endearing, actually. On one of Travis’s “breaks” he decided to challenge me at a game of racquetball that quickly ended as a result of me being pelted in the rear end with the ball. Travis immediately apologized and blurted, “at least you’ve got a good amount of padding back there!” Many conversations ensued and a friendship quickly developed. No more than a week later, Travis announced that he accepted a job offer as a beekeeper in Hawaii and that he would be leaving within the month. The news stung, but not nearly as bad as what Travis would be encountering at his new job (pun intended). It was no more than a few days later that he asked me to go to lunch. To his heartbreak, I told him I was busy and off to Hawaii he went. We laugh together reflecting about this now, as he felt I was just not into him while I, on the other hand,  presumed his intentions were less than pure…He now boastfully says he got the last laugh since I was the one to reach out to him upon his return to California. 

I was with my now Maid of Honor, Chelsie, on the night that Travis’s name got brought up. It turned out she had grown up dating his childhood friend. She had nothing but nice things to say about him. Travis had started doing his paper route upon his return to California and was doing it at the time he received the call to hang out. That night was the beginning of our inseparable bond. It was only a short month later that I invited Travis on a family vacation to Tahoe. Looking back, this was a bit of a trap… literally. He had no way to leave and was stuck with my family for a week. He had one week to make a lasting impression. I think my parents and my brother would agree that it was a successful one. 

Travis decided to go back to school, which was a path we would endure together for 8 LONG years. Within those years we have learned a lot about each other, the good and the bad. We’ve experienced a lot together (this includes, but is not limited to, scuba diving in mexico, hitting the slopes in Tahoe, fishing many beautiful lakes and rivers, earning our degrees, and moving to a new town to begin our careers) and have had a lot of fun doing so. We also discovered we share a passion for the same hobby; fishing. This soon evolved into fly fishing, after Travis reconnected with his fly fishing roots and purchased me my first pair of waders. He didn’t realize that he would create the ultimate fishing addict. Fast forward to August 2017. Travis and I traveled to Oregon for what was expected to be my “birthday” fishing trip. Little did I know, Travis had something much more up his sleeve (or in his sling pack) than I bargained for. No, I am not referring to Travis dragging me across the North Umpqua at four in the morning to get to the “perfect fishing spot” every morning. I am referring to Travis’s months of conspiring behind my back, checking the hotel room 5 times to see if the door was locked, snatching his phone out of my hand when his family would text him, falling in the river and waiting for him on shore, asking me to hold his fly rod, pulling a box out of his sling pack, getting down on one knee, asking if I’d spend the rest of my life with him, asking him if he asked my parents, Travis saying, “don’t step on the fly rod”, and me not really saying yes out loud, but in my mind, of course it was a YES! It only took 7 years for him to ask! For those of you who have seen the engagement video, you understand. It had been the best day of my life.

What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect dress?

To be honest I didn’t really have strict specifications as to dress style. I spent a lot of time looking at dresses online, especially Pinterest. As many of you who have done the same, you know this can be overwhelming to pin down “the one”. Most of the dresses I liked had a vintage inspired theme to them. When it came down to trying on dresses, I was open-minded to most styles. I really just wanted a dress that made me feel good and was a reflection of ME. Once I found the perfect dress, I knew that I wanted to add something to make it different. I tossed around the idea of a chunky bow for the back or arm cuffs. The consensus was arm cuffs and I love the way they turned out!

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?
It is impossible to select just one “best” moment. The entire day, from start to finish was amazing. I love being with family and friends, so to have all of my favorite people surrounding us the entire day was truly a gift.

Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?
The ceremony, hands down, stood out the most. My husband and I jokingly requested that my cousin marry us, which provoked him to send us a list of 10 absurd requirements (one a day for 10 days) that would need to be agreed upon prior to his agreement to do so. It evolved into a serious request, which my cousin eventually obliged. We wanted the ceremony to be a surprise so we gave my cousin full reign to include what ever he feel necessary, as long as it wasn’t sad. There was some fear that came with this unknowing what to expect, but it ended up being the best decision. My cousin surpassed any and all expectations my husband and I had regarding the ceremony. He spoke with eloquence, and truly captivated the audience with his humor and charismatic story-telling ability, while also including the most beautiful words of wisdom that I will cherish forever!

My cousin included the list of 10 requirements within our ceremony that had our family and friends laughing uncontrollably. With full disclosure, I will share them below:

1. Due to my exceptional taste of women’s style, I get to choose your wedding dress.

2. Since you, Jessie, las the ability to throw, I get to toss the bouquet.

3. I get to select your “first dance” song. You will not know what it is until the music starts playing.

4. Instead of exchanging rings, you will feed each other pickles on the altar.

5. You both will deliver your vows only have inhaling the contents of a balloon full of helium.

6. I will be the first and last person down the aisle.

7. Travis must sport a “half beard” for the wedding ceremony and reception.

8. Jessie may not shave her legs, armpits, or mustache for one month preceding the wedding.

9. I get to photo bomb your engagement photos.

10. If any of the above conditions are not met, I will not fulfill my duties of obtaining my online ministry credentials, thereby rendering your wedding ceremony null and void.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

I would have to say that my inspiration overall was a collaboration between several people. I knew that I wanted to incorporate small accents that involved fly fishing while maintaining a simple theme. Because we selected Centerville Estate as our venue, the backdrop really spoke for itself and required less “fluff”. I gained ideas regarding floral arrangements, signs, centerpieces, send off, etc. from Pinterest. My major visions were eventually altered and made possible with the help of close family friends, my mother, and my husband. My floral arrangements were handmade by a family friend and all of my signs I wood-burned by hand. Everything came together perfectly!

Any advice to future brides?
I believe most respond to this question in a very similar way, but here’s my two cents. It is completely alright to feel stressed as it is an important day! BUT try your darnedest to acknowledge and move past the “upsets”. Holding on to the negativity can create a nasty trip into the rabbit hole. This is one special day and you really want to embrace it. Embrace every minute and be present and cognizant when doing so!

We want to also share who you used to hopefully be a good resource tool for our future brides: