My now husband, Kody, and I met at my work at Nash’s restaurant. He was sitting at the bar having breakfast and one of my coworkers told me I just HAD to go check him out! I was too chicken to talk to him myself so I had the bartender be my wingman and he actually got Kody’s number for me. I basically hid from him the rest of the day out of fear he would try to talk to me lol. Later that evening, I worked up some courage to text him and we went on our first date a week later. We’ve been inseparable since!

The proposal- The same coworker who initially pointed me in Kody’s direction on that first day is also an incredible photographer. We had done a few shoots with her to help build her portfolio. She approached me with the idea of wanting to do a photoshoot in Yosemite and asked if Kody and I would be interested. In my mind, I had to convince him how fun a road trip would be to do this shoot, little did I know it was his idea all along and where he knew he wanted to pop the question! He even packed a couple mini champagne bottles for us to pop and toast afterwards!

When I first began looking into wedding dresses, I had an open mind and wide variety of styles I was interested in trying out. The one thing I knew I wanted was an open back (possibly keyhole, but something modest at the same time). The only other thing I wanted was I wanted to feel beautiful and have that “WOW” moment. And boy did I have that WOW moment when I tried on my dress! Tears and all!

We had two very personal moments from our wedding day that I’ll cherish forever. One, we did a first look and exchanged our vows during that time when it was just us two. It allowed us to be raw and completely open with our emotions without the pressure of our guests watching us. Another personal moment was when our officiant, my now brother-in-law, included our dog we had recently lost in our ceremony. He prayed over us with our “four legged guardian angel” and we both lost it in tears and laughter. I tear up even thinking about that moment!

The thing that stood out the most to me on our wedding day was the amount of happiness and joy that surrounded us. All of our guests were so genuinely happy for us and wanting to celebrate our love, it was beautiful.

My wedding dress was beautiful and a little “loud” at the same time with all the details it had. My wedding itself was rustic and country, and I originally didn’t feel like my dress matched. However wearing boots with my dress, as untraditional and mismatched it may have seem to some, was one of the easiest decisions to make!

To future brides- enjoy the planning! Enjoy being a BRIDE before you become a WIFE! The entire process may seem stressful, but try to focus on the happiness and love you’re celebrating and take it all in while you can! Planning a wedding during a pandemic was no joke, however I weirdly loved every second of the process!

The Talent Behind The Day
Photographer- McKenna Kleiner Photography | Wedding Dress – Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo | Videographer- Kyle Ritchie | Venue- Family property in Cottonwood, CA | Hair/Makeup- Dani & Angela at Allure Salon | Caterer- Paul Lema, Italian Guy Catering | Cake- Maddy Plum | Florist- Broken Oak Acres | DJ- Elite Sound