Sara-45 loresIn today’s world of hustle and bustle occasionally we crave a little magic, a little inspiration before we start the daily grind.  Today’s brides and grooms are busy with life, making money, paying rent, and deciding on numerous additional daily choices. When fashioning your wedding you should feel elated and overjoyed to be marrying the person you love, not worrying about harebrained details similar to “Will Aunt Edna and Grandpa Joe get along?” Weddings are a twinkling in time that you will not soon forget, an extraordinary day to celebrate with family and friends. As a DIY or planner equipped bride a few obstacles are coming your way. Do not distress you have resources to aid you fulfilling your dream day. Several worries are discovering bridesmaid dresses, location, and budget. These concerns are common among brides. Establishing a blueprint for your day is a step in the right direction and can help determine your complete vision. Romantic, outdoors, country chic, or elegant, there are hundreds of concepts; yours will be unique. Constructing a list and writing down your essential requirements will support in narrowing down your selections. When planning your day remember to occasionally compromise in order to achieve the ideal result. Giving up the ice sculpture so that you can have the right chairs is a good compromise.

Whether you require a little assistance such as vendor referrals, or call for full production planning we are here to help. We are your fairy godmother and here to introduce a little magic to your life! A planner will assist you in organizing your thoughts and feelings. They will facilitate all the behind the scenes work and on your wedding day. As a planner I have witnessed a few mishaps here and there, bridal party blunders, extreme lateness and the list goes on. As a planner I remove all the stress and not so fun moments of planning your own event. Every bride and groom are entitled to have a moment full of bliss on their wedding day, every couple should be allowed to feel an overwhelming since of happiness and joy. Being a planner has allowed me to see the real fairy tales of today’s world. To my brides and Grooms past, present and feature thank you.