1. Overall Planning: Think about the big picture! Before jumping into all the details, take some time to envision the overall end result (what is your dream wedding?) Organize all your thoughts and great ideas, and then, with a goal in mind, start with the shopping and decorating as a calm, cool and collected bride with a great plan.

2. Budget: There’s no need to spend a ton of money to have a beautiful wedding; you just have to spend the money you do have wisely! Remember, being over-the-top is not a necessity – less can be more. Some of the most elegant weddings are done with well-executed simplicity.

3. Expect the Unexpected: Always keep your guests guessing to keep them eagerly anticipating what they will experience next! Have something different happen every 30 minutes. Introduce a new food or drink, change the lighting or the music, have a new type of entertainment, move locations, or choose to have unique wedding timeline to change up things for your guests so it’s not just another cookie-cutter wedding! Your guests will have unforgettable memories.

4. Be organized: In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks ahead of you, stay organized. Make an action plan by week of what you are going to do, and keep track of progress. This will help you to keep your thoughts and plans in order.

5. Start planning as early as possible: Places and service providers are booked earlier and earlier each year. So to insure that you get exactly what you want, start early. It also gives you plenty of time to find and investigate other options if your first choice does not work out.

6. Compromise: Knowing how to compromise will save a lot of stress through the planning process. You, your groom, and families all should enjoy the wedding and be proud of it. While the bride and groom should do what makes them happy, be open to suggestions and sensitive to the feelings of those around you. If you disagree with their recommendations, speak about it calmly and diplomatically until an understanding is reached. It will make the day more enjoyable for all!

7. Invite people to participate in your wedding party because they care about you, not out of obligation: I can’t tell you how often a bride asks someone to be in her wedding out of obligation, and is only frustrated by that individual’s lack of interest and participation. This is one of the most important days of your life. Only involve people who genuinely share in your happiness and love. If they don’t, there is no way they can behave the way you might expect them to. It is impossible.

8. Décor: When it comes to table centerpieces and reception floral arrangements, ask for a mix of high and low arrangements, or a variation of three correlating arrangement designs (that vary in cost) mixed throughout the tables. This combination will help cut costs from having to pay for all large arrangements for each table and will also add aesthetic variety to the look of your reception on many visual levels.

9. Food and Beverage: Food can be so much more than a meal—you can even use it to help convey your personalities and include your guests in your love story! For example, instead of just selecting regular foods to serve, create a menu that is inspired by places you and your groom have visited, your heritages, or your favorite dishes.

10. Hire an Event Planner: Hiring an event planner will help to keep your overall budget in check but most importantly having a go to person will allow you and your family to enjoy this treasured day. No matter what your bridal personality having an Event planner standing by your side on your big day will ease your mind and send you blissfully soaring of into married life without a hitch!

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